PNAA Presents: Josh Piven's No Reservations

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Set of "No Reservations". Set Designer: Ian Guzzone

If your Christmas wish list includes camp, pop culture and farce, then you can check off all three at Philadelphia's Adrienne Theater where The Philadelphia Non-Profit Advertising Agency (PNAA) have produced the World Premiere play by humorist Josh Piven called No Reservations.

Josh Piven and Allison Heishman

The title of course is a take on the biblical tradition of no room at the inn for Mary and Joseph at the birth of Jesus. The inn in this case is a bed and breakfast near Bethlehem PA, run by The Harris' (Jared Michael Delaney and Wendy Staton) who are either an inter-racial couple or just non-traditional casting. Mary & Joseph are a lesbian couple about to give birth - Martha (Collen Corcoran) and Marie (Mary Beth Shrader) and Jesus gets named Elmer and that's where the take-off, really takes off in a whole 'nother direction.

Cast of "No Reservation with Piven and Heishman at Ocean Prime Restaurant

Director Allison Helshman (Artistic Associate at Azuka Theater) aims to keep the pace frantic and fun once the Innkeepers figures out that Marie (the one with child) is really  pop-princess, "Brittany Star" in hiding, and wants to cash in on the photo ops and publicity for their struggling B&B.  A farce with only 4 actors would never create mayhem, so in comes a full of himself NY Times reporter, Tom Wiseman - get it (Brian McCann) who insists on being called a columnist and a wanna be reality show producer, Angel Gabriel (Brandon Pierce) along with sarcastic carolers, a hayseed handyman (Andrew Carroll) and a gender studies daughter (Chelsea Drumel) home for the holidays.

(click to read excerpt)

Playwright Josh Piven is a humorist and author known for his best selling The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook Series.  I now have a signed, hardback copy of The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: DATING & SEX, which means it's time for another Tinsel & Tine Giveaway!

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No Reservations opened November 29th and runs through December 15th
If you'd like to purchase tickets visit
receive $5 off with coupon code
: noresdiscount
(good for the last three performances 13th 14th & 15th)

Ocean Prime on Urbanspoon
My invitation to see No Reservations was preceded by a press brunch at Ocean Prime (124 S 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102) where the restaurant Roy's Hawaiian used to be, but as you can see, the interior is so much more sophisticated now.

Click for Tinsel & Tine Ocean Prime pre-reception:

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