69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Round Up 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Where do I begin?  A quandary due to lack of inspirational material, not a matter of  brimming over with too much excitement over last night's NBC broadcast of the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - aka The Hollywood Foreign Press Association shindig. Not that it was boring, it was just...fine.

Host Ricky Gervais began with saying that his antics of last year - offending just about everyone in the room, the network and the HFPA themselves, earned him an invitation back! He was given a list of "Don'ts" that included not being able to mention anything having to do with Mel Gibson, including Jodie Foster's Beaver. To which Jodie laughed and gave two thumbs up.

He had a couple of other clever quips and barbs, but basically toned it way down this year.  Although it was rather cheeky of him to boldly inquire of Johnny Depp, while standing face to face, if he'd ever actually seen The Tourist. To which Depp admitted - No.

Red Carpet

I was IM chatting with my sister on facebook during the red carpet segment, which by the way, is sorely lacking if you're not watching it with Giuliana and Ryan on E.

I tweeted: Awards season is the only time I wish I was paying Comcast their ridiculous tariff!

Now that I think about it, why can't we Pay Per View for Red Carpet Coverage, the way men do for boxing events?  hmmm.... I digress...

My sister's red carpet assessment - too many celebs went with the mermaid look this year.
Here's a mermaid slide show (for all slide shows - double click for larger images)

Tinsel & Tine picks for Best Dressed 
(Best Dresed slide show)

Nicole Kidman - her Versace gown fit to perfection! I love the beading, not over done or too heavy, the color of the dress may be a little pale for her very pale skin, but she's pulling it off.

Angelina Jolie - was also wearing Versace. The red accent across the cream satin, was just eye candy stunning.  The accessories (including Brad) all wonderful. The only things needed to make it perfection, would be to eliminate all those tattoos and put some meat on her boney chicken wing arms. (said with love & affection).

Julie Bowen - whose show Modern Family won for Best TV show - Comedy - looked like confection in this Reem Acra gown. It may be a little too young for her, but I can't judge, cause I know she's younger than I am, and if I got a chance to wear this stunning gown, I'd still go for it too!

Runners up: Jane Fonda who looked very sexy (even George Clooney gave her props during his post award press conference).  

Evan Rachel Wood had the most original gown, (Gucci) made out of real feathers - guess we can assume Evan's not a member of PETA ;)

Tinsel & Tine picks for Not Best Dressed 
(NOT Best Dresed slide show) 

Jessica Biel - looked like she was wearing that Betty White wedding dress Sandra Bullock couldn't fill out in the movie The Proposal.

Charlize Theron -  must have been channeling her character from Young Adult, it's the only way to make sense of this headband that could have been purchased in the mall at Claires.

Michelle Williams - again, no headbands at The Golden Globes please.  Besides, if you're going to sport a short do, which I don't find this style to be particularly good for her, than you just dress it up with bigger earrings and more make up.  I also think the dress would be fine at the SAG awards, but not dressy enough for this night.  That being said, congrats to Michelle on winning Best Performance Actress - Comedy Or Musical for My Week with Marilyn.

And it was just wrong to make Melissa McCarthy present next to Paula Patton, come on, give a plus-sized girl a break!


Best Performance Actress – Drama: Meryl Streep – Iron Lady.
I'm looking forward to seeing this film. (very disappointed The Film Society didn't offer a preview screening). I'm certain as always, Streep's performance will be award worthy; however, since this film hasn't even hit theaters yet, how about giving the Globe to Viola Davis and letting Meryl win the Oscar.

Best Performance Actor – Drama: George Clooney - The Descendants
Clooney coming out on stage with Brad Pitt's cane was a funny bit. And the highlight of my night was when he commended Michael Fassbender on being able to play golf with his hands behind his back. (If you'll recall, my commentary on Shame starts out with a similar reference).  All great, except his performance in The Descendants does not deserve a Golden Globe.

And yes, that also means I didn't agree with The Descendants winning Best Motion Picture Drama.  This film's got good bones, and I'm a fan of writer/director Alexander Payne; but the movie is not as involving as Moneyball or The Help. And although I've yet to see it, I imagine it's not as smart as The Ides Of March

At first I was disappointed with The Artist winning Best Motion Picture - Musical/Comedy, then in thinking over its competition: 50/50, Bridesmaids, Midnight in Paris and My Week with Marilyn, all films I enjoyed about equally. 50/50 perhaps a step below the others, but basically, this category was up for grabs.

On a side note: there was an audible gasp from the audience when the producer of The Artist, Ludovic Bource called his Golden Globe an Oscar - talk about a faux pas!

For a complete listing of all the Winners TV and Film click HERE

African American's in the House

Morgan Freeman adds a certain weight and credibility to all the many films to which he plays a part. It's obvious he's really earned respect among his peers. Congratulation to Morgan Freeman on being the 2012 Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient.

He was given the award by former DeMille Award recipient Sidney Poitier, who received a standing ovation. When Kurt Douglas comes out on stage and gets a standing O, it's because of his past work and the fact he's still alive.  For Poitier, it's about those things; but it's mostly a sign of deference to the sheer determination he must have possessed to have gotten as far as he did, playing leading roles in Hollywood. Something that's still only available to a very select few black actors.

Congrats go out as well to Octavia Spencer for winning Best Performance- Supporting Role for The Help.  She really is the heart of that movie.

Social Media

For previous awards shows, I had a desktop pc and a regular cell phone. This year, I'm so blessed to have both a laptop and smartphone, so I tweeted all throughout the show @tinseltine and posted stuff like the menu courses served at the ceremony to Tinsel & Tine's facebook fan page.

So be sure to follow and like
Tinsel & Tine before the 
Academy Awards on Sunday, February 26th!

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