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Monday, February 19, 2018

Who is more fierce Dora Milage or Amazons of Themyscira

Tinsel & Tine's Look at


By Le Anne Lindsay, Editor

I don’t follow comic books, but I do consider myself a “Blerd” (Black Nerd). I’m all about superhero movies, Sci-Fi Flicks, Game of Thrones, totally love Fantasy, so I see every MCU & D.C. movie that comes out, but the excitement for BLACK PANTHER starring Chadwick Boseman was palpable, building since Captain America: Civil War. Whenever I’d get depressed about something, I console myself by saying, but Black Panther is coming out soon! I took a day off from work to see the press screening, I bought a T-shirt, I even bought a comic book during the @AmalgamPhilly Black Panther panel discussion and party!

Support Amalgam Philly Comic Book and Coffee ShopIt’s a major event to have Disney & Marvel provide an A-List Hollywood marketing roll out for a movie starring a mainly black cast, written and directed by a black man (Ryan Coogler) who I got to interview way back in 2013 when his first film came out Fruitvale Station and I’m ashamed to say it, but he seemed so uncomfortable with the attention that movie was receiving at the time, that I didn’t think he’d amount to anything. So I was blown away when he wrote & directed the Rocky movie Creed, but this… Wow, he’s really arrived. And the black community came out to support him.

Of course you can’t talk about Black Panther without talking about the strength of the female characters – Tech Genius. Warrior General. Activist Spy. Queen Mother. None of them are fighting over a guy, being catty or needing to be saved. They are fierce, proud, intelligent and capable. How are you not gonna love the all bald female warrior army “the Dora Milage”. Can’t help but wonder who would win in a fight between them and the Amazon’s of Themyscira? It might be the Dora Milage because when Gen Okoya (Danai Gurira) stops that charging armor plated Rhino in its tracks, just by her mere presence, I mean that’s cool!

Not to mention, a female Production designer, Hannah Beachler and Costume designer Ruth E. Carter and Oscar nominated (Mudbound) Rachel Morrison as cinematographer.

I’ve seen Letitia Wright (Shuri) in that famous episode of Black Mirror with the Black Museum, but didn’t pay the actress as much attention as the show. But she’s got my attention now as the “Q” of Wakanda. I've added to my Netflix queue the movie Urban Hymn (2015) which she starred in about a troubled girl in the system who’s encouraged by a social worker to find herself through singing. From the trailer it looks like Letitia has a great voice too.

And Oscar winner (12 Years a Slave) and fashion icon Lupita Nyong'o (Nakia) gets to be the object of affection and desire, while at the same time being all about her mission, which T’Challa totally respects despite obviously wanting her to be his queen.

To be fair, I was also excited last year with Hidden Figures portrayal of super intelligent black females at NASA. That movie took pride in encouraging women to enter the STEM fields of (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and now these women in "Black Panther" have taken it all to a new level. As a black woman, my heart almost burst with pride and excitement. Thank you Ryan Coogler & Joe Robert Cole for writing this story and thank you MCU for allowing them the freedom. These guys understand the tropes of good storytelling. They borrow themes we’re familiar with like from James Bond & The Lion King but use them effectively, so as not to feel copied, but a shorthand.

I’m also not taking anything away from Anthony Mackie as The Falcon or Don Cheadle in Iron Man, but of course we all know they are sidekicks and really would never warrant their own movie. What I like about Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of Black Panther is his lack of ego. He’s really there to be King first, Black Panther second and accepts the fact that it literally takes a village to protect Wakanda and their way of life.

After the screening a whole mess of Black Tribbles stayed to tape an episode of SPOILED TRIBBLES
which you can listen to below:

which will also get embedded here soon as it posts. And my 2.20.18 live segment on That's Show Biz w/ Chuck Darrow (WWDB-Talk-869) will feature Black Panther, which I'll link to podcast.

Which brings us to the simplistic yet inspired storyline of Wakanda itself, which is a wonderfully expressed dilemma; a big part of me feels like a sure fire way of turning a Utopia into a Dystopia is to let in outsiders. On the other hand, if your way of life, technology, funds can help the rest of the world, do you have a duty to share?

Coogler says he based aspects of his version of Wakanda on Lesotho, which were able to resist both the Zulus and the Boers, and was only lightly colonized by the British. Which reminds me - love when Shuri calls Martin Freeman’s character “Colonizer” this term for the white race, kinda makes me think of "Muggles" in Harry Potter - those without magic.

I also guested on THE LAMBcast BLACK PANTHER Podcast

Totally didn’t see two villains coming in this movie. I assumed Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) would be a henchman to Klaue/Klaw (Andy Serkis) who is great fun; however, I feel we don’t really get the full sense of his long standing villainy with Wakanda, they talk about never having captured him before, but he doesn’t seem to possess as much power as I understand Klaw does in the comics. I think they down played him a bit because you also have Killmonger, with a great backstory, who truly at times is hard to see as a villain, except when he demands they burn all the purple flowers which gives the Black Panther his power. Which makes me wonder, why don’t they all just drink of the flower and become super human? It takes a lot of loyalty for the people to refrain and agree it’s only for the Black Panther/King to drink.

M'Baku the Vegetarian
The first challenger M’Baku (Winston Duke) the leader of the White Gorilla tribe, who have lived separately from the rest of Wakandian society, is also a well-written side character. I understand in the comics he’s called Man-Ape and this is why this movie had to be written and directed by a person of color, because otherwise he might still be referred to as such in the movie, and that would have created a bad backlash. M'Baku is fierce and sexy, but also provides a couple of very humorous moments, telling Ross (Martin Freeman) to be quiet or they’ll eat him, cracks himself up, and then admits they're vegetarians!

Gorgeous world building, love the opening sequence explaining the Vibranium meteor that hit this part of Africa and how that created their way of life. I was expecting a slightly more pronounced visual opening of the city. When T’Challa, Nakia and Okoya first fly into Wakanda, we go from seeing the treetops to just being inside the Capital City. However, the Virtual Reality car chase and flight battle - leading-edge!

When the Wakandans aren't speaking English they're actually speaking Xhosa, a language spoken by the Bantu in South Africa. South African actor John Kani, who plays T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, suggested using it while filming Captain America: Civil War and taught it to Chadwick Boseman.

Now I just wonder with the success of Black Panther is the D.C. Movie Universe going to move up the Cyborg movie with Ray Fisher which isn’t scheduled until April of 2020.

2.20.18 T&T Weekly Movie Segment on THAT'S SHOW BIZ WITH CHUCK DARROW also featured Black Panther
start at 45:40

T & T's LAMB (movie bloggers association) Score: 5 outta 5 #WakandaForever!
(Note: all above links take you to the T&T post for that subject)

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MUSICAL THRONES: A Parody of Ice and Fire: Interview with Creators JON & AL KAPLAN

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Musical Thrones A Parody of Ice and Fire Tour
Tinsel & Tine's Spotlight on PTC's Next Show

A treat for Game of Thrones fans



 Interview with writer/composers


by Le Anne Lindsay, Editor

Philadelphia Theatre Company (PTC) heats up winter with dragon fire, dramatic power-struggles and bloodthirsty violence as Musical Thrones: A Parody of Ice and Fire makes a stop in Philadelphia
(February 9-10, 2018) on its 30 city national tour.

Loyal fans waiting for season 8 of GOT can laugh and journey together through the last seven, during 90 minutes of outrageous fun! Audiences will imagine themselves transported to Game of Thrones’s magical locations where bloodthirsty musical theater comics leave no joke unturned in serving up the show’s notorious violence, power struggles, manipulation and sex – plus, a ballad or two to add to the roast.

POST UPDATE: 2.11.18 Mini Show Review

Saw the show last night and it's pretty much how I pictured it, fast paced, only about 5 or 6 actors changing wigs and playing various characters. No elaborate costumes, props or set, which makes it easier to travel and perform in 90 mins. It's a fun, humor filled recap of Game of Thrones seasons 1-6. My favorite song/scene was "An Unlikely Pair" where they have Arya & The Hound, Brienne & Jamie, Jon Snow & Ygritte and two others, I think maybe Sansa & GreyJoy, all singing about their respective journeys together. The song musically & lyrically is the standout, and the actors staging has really good energy and seamless movement in and out of the spotlight.

Now we return you to the Original Post...

Musical Thrones: A Parody of Ice and Fire is written and composed by Jon and Al Kaplan, the comic madmen behind the long-running Silence! The Musical, which began as a set of nine songs, became a website with a cult following in 2003, then expanded to a live musical, which was mounted by director and Tony-winner Christopher Gattelli at the 2005 NYC Fringe festival, where it won the "Overall Excellence Award" for Outstanding Musical. In 2010, Silence! played in London, above the Stag Theatre, had a successful run there, as well as NY & LA.

The Kaplan Bros. have also composed completely unfunny music for the NBC reality show "Starting Over"; a series of Walt Disney web advertisements. Wrote comedy (not music) for the MTV Movie Awards, and arranged Andy Samberg's "Lonely Island Medley," which was performed by LeAnn Rimes, Chris Isaak and Forest Whitaker. Jon and Al next scored The Hills Have Thighs, the controversial erotic film that aired on HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and TMC, and the Syfy Channel original films Piranhaconda and Dinocroc Vs. Supergator. In 2015, they wrote the screenplay for Zombeavers, released in limited theaters in the U.S. and on VOD. In their spare time, the Kaplans have continued to pursue their first love of writing unstageable theater works, producing a series of viral video musicals on their successful YouTube channel Legolambs, including Conan the Barbarian: The Musical and The Thing: The Musical.

Tinsel & Tine got a chance to chat with the talented duo.
Check out the interview below:

LegoLamb Composer Writers the Kaplan Brothers Interview

T&T: Other than Silence!, your LegoLambs Musicals, which have found a dedicated cult following on YouTube, are parody songs not meant to be staged, what made you guys decide that Musical Thrones: A Parody of Ice and Fire was something you wanted to develop for the stage?

Jon + Al: After spending so much time working on Silence!, we were looking for ways to reach new audiences faster and more consistently. That’s part of why we decided to do all the “one-off” musicals on Legolambs. That said, there’s plenty of stuff on our channel that we’d be happy to stage, and we even have a partial book that unites some of those songs. In the case of Musical Thrones, Right Angle Productions approached us a few years ago and said they were interested in staging a parody of Game of Thrones. So this was actually a commission, unlike Silence!, which was an internet musical for years before any producer inquired about staging it. We were also huge fans of Game of Thrones, so this seemed like a good fit.

T&T: I think what makes GOT so compelling is its visceral quality, it can be so barbaric and harsh that I think we respond to it on a primitive level. While cerebrally responding to each character’s archetypal journey. Yet, at the same time it’s funny, sexy, ridiculous and geeky!
  • What other theories do you both have about the wild popularity of this show? 
  •  When deciding what scenes, seasons, characters to parody how did you narrow it down? 
Why I love Game of Thrones

J+A: Re: Game of Thrones’ popularity: It’s the show many of us were waiting our whole lives for: an intelligent, adult fantasy world, full of rich characters and shocking but believable story turns. As a bonus, the special effects and action sequences surpass most of what you’ll find on the big screen today. Then again, Walking Dead is even more popular and it’s a piece of shit, so who knows.

J+A Cont.: It was a challenge to boil Game of Thrones down into a 90-minute production, so of course we joke about that within the actual show. We follow the core characters and try to more or less tell their stories in a coherent way. Beyond that, we knew that certain scenes had to be in there, like The Red Wedding. We also tended to focus more heavily on the earlier seasons because they’re the most important — now the TV show is mostly just repeating itself anyway. We also came up with a way of both addressing and dismissing the characters we couldn’t fit into the show :D

Legolambs YouTube Channel

T&T: You both write the music/lyrics and the written material - How do you break up the work between you?

J+A: Usually one of us will come up with a premise for a song and then we’ll bounce it back and forth in terms of lyrics, sing it to each other in the car with some semblance of a melody. This continues with the composition process, where one of us will come up with an actual chorus and a structure and then we refine it together and it continues until it’s done.

Once we had most of the songs mapped out, we began to take turns connecting all the dots with the book. Then, after the book was close to done, it became more about producing the tracks for the music, which, sadly, probably took the longest out of everything!

 T&T: At what point do the producer and director come aboard?

J+A: Before we began, they had us write a few demo songs like “Winter Is Coming” and “Valar Morghulis” (which eventually became a different song in the finished show) so that they could shop the concept. We had a complete draft of the book and most of the songs were written by the time our director T.J. Dawe came on.

Tinsel & Tine Contest to Win Tickets to the 2.9.18 Performance

T&T: Creative brother teams seem to be so successful - Cohen, Farrelly, Duplass, Duffer, Paul & Chris Weitz (About a Boy) Joe & Anthony Russo (Captain America: Winter Soldier & The First Avenger) The Spierig (Jigsaw & Winchester) The Wachowski’s started out as brothers – From your own experience, what about being brothers helps with creative inspiration?

J+A: Don’t forget the Zucker Brothers! We can’t speak for all the other brother teams, but it’s probably something to do with genetics. We share a similar sensibility particularly when it comes to music and humor, and we’ve been working together creatively since we were kids. We are often thinking the same (sick) things and it makes for a seamless collaboration.

T&T: Without giving too much away, what Song or Songs in Musical Thrones are you most excited to see the audience’s reactions?

Jon Snow and Ygritte Great Chemistry GOT

J+A: We had to delete the most offensive song from the show, so we’re not sure. Our favorite is probably the love song between Ygritte and Jon Snow…it takes you through pretty much their whole relationship. Even though most of these are ostensibly comedy songs, we always try to give them an emotional weight so that they will hopefully move people.

T&T: What film projects are you currently working on?

J+A: We co-wrote a horror movie called The Drone (about a sentient consumer drone) that’s in post production now. Hopefully we’ll be doing the music for it soon too. We also have a Critters TV series coming up (based on the 1986 movie).

T&T:  In Philly there’s going to be a GOT themed bar crawl between the matinee and evening performances, would be great if you both were able to join us! What are each of your bar beverage(s) of choice?

J+A: That sounds awesome! Al likes beer and Jon likes wine, but not too much because it will make his spine explode.

ABOUT PHILADELPHIA THEATRE COMPANY Philadelphia Theatre Company (PTC) is a leading regional theater company that produces, develops, and presents entertaining and imaginative contemporary theater focused on the American experience. PTC balances its Philadelphia roots with a national point of view that combines a taste for adventure with a dedication to new American plays and musicals. Founded in 1974, PTC has presented 140 world and Philadelphia premieres. More than 50 percent of PTC’s world premieres have moved on to New York and other major cities, helping to earn Philadelphia a national reputation as a hub for new play development. PTC has received more than 180 nominations and 53 awards from the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre. In 2007, PTC was instrumental in expanding Philadelphia’s thriving cultural corridor by opening the Suzanne Roberts Theatre on the Avenue of the Arts.

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Philly Spotlight Post: MARTHA'S KITCHEN & EVENTS

Friday, January 26, 2018

Looking for a Great Event Space in Philly
Tinsel & Tine's Spotlight on Subscriber Select

Martha Lewis



by Le Anne Lindsay, Editor

Last year I added a new segment to my newsletter called SUBSCRIBER SELECT, because I noticed that a number of people who subscribed to Tinsel & Tine's also had cool things going on; so I told them that as long as it was PG and positive, they could send me info to highlight for their business, organization, art project, film, book or special event.

Since the next Subscriber Select has a business both food and Philly event related, I figured why not give her a stand alone blog post as well as a newsletter feature!

Subscriber Select Feature on Tinsel & Tine

MK: Martha's Kitchen & Events is located in the East Oak Lane section of Philadelphia. (One block North of 66th Avenue (between 7th & 8th st). The facility is a 1,000 square foot, beautifully designed loft-style event space. Rental of the space includes party tables and chairs, stem ware, chafing dishes and various other catering supplies for those who wish to rent the space and bring their own cuisine. It's a lovely space for birthday & anniversary parties, showers, food tastings, small weddings, church events, lectures, pop ups and more...

In preparation for her Subscriber Select highlight, I asked proprietor MARTHA LEWIS a few questions about how her business came to be and here's her inspiring answer:

Thank you Le Anne, I feel honored. I was blessed into this business from a vision board I did at my church, (Greater Vision Church, 221 E. Logan Street). I was asked to create a vision board as homework from my pastor Billy Thompson, Jr., I didn’t want to do it because it was “homework”, I didn’t want to do homework with the load of work that I already did each day supervising a home with two mentally challenged individuals, who require so much of my attention. So I put it off, this challenge by my pastor could wait, maybe I'd get to it eventually, or not. 

But I soon began getting headaches almost everyday and suffered with insomnia almost every night. I am a very religious person and grew up in a Catholic Church; so I realized exactly what was going on, I had to complete my vision board and fill it with the dream I'd had for so long - to be able to cater to people and make them happy. I also asked God that part of the blessing of this vision be a hug of thanks from all my future guests.

In short, Martha's Kitchen & Events started coming together miraculously from that Vision Board. We opened November 11, 2015. I used to live paycheck to paycheck, now thankfully, I have a thriving business. A family business -  Ebony Lee, my daughter helps with serving food and cleaning up. My son Hampton Lee, Jr., helps with security and closing after an event. My granddaughters Tamara, Tatianna, Aaliyah and Brielle also help me with cleaning and setting up.

I work with different catering company’s or people can bring their own food if they want.  If anyone is interested in finding out more, check out our gallery of photos on the Martha's Kitchen & Events website and the wonderful reviews on our Facebook page which warm my heart.

The best part, every event that I host, I get a hug from my guests without me asking for one, they are so happy and delighted that I made their event extra special. When I run into these people on the street, I get another hug, because they're all now my friends.  I love telling people how I got my venue, I tell them all to think big and believe in it. You are never too old to fulfill your dreams

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With a film like this, food plays a main character in the story and I was lucky enough to get an interview with the film's Food Stylist, Janine Kalesis.READ POST

Food n Film: WAITRESS

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Those of us in attendance were not only given the opportunity to see Babette's Feast, the Oscar winning, Danish film, considered one of the all-time great "food films"; we also got to taste Babette's menu! READ POST


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15 Top Food in Film Flicks

15 Top Food in Film Flicks
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