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Sundance Institute hold New Frontier Conference in Philly

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By Le Anne Lindsay, Editor

The Sundance Institute is the arm of the Sundance Film Festival which invests and nurtures collaborations between artists, filmmakers, gamers, programmers, scientists, technologists and innovators to explore new forms of storytelling using new media and tech. For this one day Lab in Philadelphia, Sundance Institute invited several panelists to come and explain their work to us and what they’re trying to accomplish, most of the programs are societal in nature...

Hyphen Labs Ashley Baccus Clark explains NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism

For instance, Ashley Baccus-Clark (molecular biologist with Hyphen-Labs) was there to introduce the world of NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism, an art installation and virtual reality experience meant to address modern-day problems for women of color. The VR is set up like a beauty salon called a neurocosmetology lab where everyone entering the space becomes an African American woman. You’re fitted with a trans-cranial stimulation device which they call Octavia Electrodes (named after Black Sci-Fi writer Octavia Butler) trans-cranial simulators are a real thing, it’s a noninvasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression. However, they’re sometimes difficult to use on women of color because of the texture and styles of our hair. So in this VR world, the Octavia Electrodes are made like a set of braid extensions, which then allows access to this digital multiverse. From there, I’m still a little unclear on all the issues which get brought up during the simulation, because I only had time to go through a very small part of the virtual reality experience before we were called back in for the next speaker; but I know they’re in the process of developing some products not just for the VR world, but for real life too, like earrings that act as body-cams and a visor which reflect back to the person to which you're conversing, facial expressions of the energy that person is giving off.

For more info on the NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism Project check out the embed below of Ashley's talk. 

I got a longer time to play with Google’s Virtual Reality platform call Tilt Brush where you can create art through shapes, colors and brush palettes. It’s like you’re painting in space, but it surrounds you, like you are inside the painting. It’s trippy and fun and I could see losing hours of time inside it.

Le Anne Lindsay Editor of Tinsel & Tine first Virtual Reality Experience Google Tilt Brush

I do however, have an issue with Virtual Reality - because you can’t see what anyone is doing in the real world, you feel kinda of vulnerable; not to mention, you look really goofy manning the controls. But mainly, I was worried about my stuff as I had to leave my purse, phone, Nikon camera on the floor near the platform; I mean you hope the Sundance person working the booth will look out for your stuff, and we were a relatively small group, but it was a thought that kept crossing my mind.  I'm sure when these VR worlds become something we all go and do for entertainment like going to the movies or playing miniature golf, there will be private rooms for each platform and lockers for your belongings. Although, I recently saw VR kiosks at the King of Prussia mall. I didn't have time to stop and really see what they were all about, but it was out in the open.

The below embed is of panelist Yasmin Elayat, new media artist, designer and creative technologist. Her work pushes the boundaries of immersive and collaborative storytelling experiences, like her piece 18 Days in Egypt, a collaborative web-documentary project about the Egyptian Revolution.

Maori Holmes and BAYETE ROSS SMITH at Sundance Institute New Frontier Day

The other thing that was cool and fun, was an app they had us all use during the conference call Slido. It’s a web based app you access on your phone or laptop, so you don’t have to download anything. Sundance Institute also projected it onto the big screen so the moderator could ask us questions and rather than having to raise your hand to answer and someone having to bring a mic around the room, you just wrote your answers on the Slido app on your phone, and it showed up on the projected screen. Then at times, they would conduct polls and you could see the poll graphs calculate in real time. And after each panelist finished their presentation, we asked questions via Slido, and everyone could vote on each other’s questions, the questions with the most votes would rise to the top and be the ones the panelist would answer. It’s really the perfect way to conduct this kinda of conference and to encourage engagement.


Check out the below Facebook Photo Album with captions and bios of other
panelist and attendees.  (Feel free to tag yourself, if you see yourself).

In summation: Sundance #NewFrontier Labs travel around the country inviting about 100 artists, filmmakers, actors, press in each city to inspire the use of tech in the future of storytelling. It is funded by the Knight Foundation so we were treated to catered breakfast, lunch and a reception!

The Sundance Institute New Frontier Day Lab presents some of the newest and most innovative forms of communication architecture through which we share our stories and create the world around us. Multimedia and transmedia, virtual and augmented reality, immersive and digitally connected experiences, speculative imagination and new technologies all provide unique ways of presenting narrative.

I noticed some of the themes of the day were: having the technology to make cool stuff is useless, unless you figure out how to use it to tell good stories. The need to include many different voices and diversification of thought to make concepts workable and valuable. Problems of accessibility, bringing the work to the audience you’d like to reach, inspire and educate.

That's Show Biz with Chuck Darrow Week 9.12.17

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Movie Blog Post: REMEMORY

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tinsel & Tine's Look at

Lionsgate's: REMEMORY

By Le Anne Lindsay, Editor

I was sent another screener by Lionsgate, this time for a Sci-Fi Mystery called Rememory starring Peter Dinklage, best known as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. Writer/director Mark Palansky (co-writer Michael Vukadinovich) wrote this movie with Dinklage in mind, having nothing to do with his size, other than the size of his talent - discovered after working together on Palansky's first movie Penelope (2006) which also starred Christina Ricci, James McAvoy & Reese Witherspoon. I'm not familiar with this movie at all, but it's BTT (before Tinsel & Tine) so I wasn't as plugged in.

In Rememory Dinklage just plays a loner type guy trying to live with a tragic happening from his past. Although, ironically, his profession is that of an architectural-model builder, so he builds miniature buildings, people and objects. And there’s a scene where he grabs his brother’s keys and says I’m driving, but it’s his brother’s car - I would imagine Peter Dinklage or anyone of that size has to have a specially made car to be able to drive. Still, I applaud the fact that no mention is made of his dwarfism, it's simple, non-traditional casting.

"My character is a man dealing with dark demons yet has a humanity and empathy that helps him untangle what happened to Dr. Dunn. I’m such a fan of film noir and mysteries and all of that – ones that are done well – and I love how this character didn’t sign up to solve a mystery, he's put in this situation,” - Peter Dinklage

The movie is actually about a scientist, Dr. Dunn (Martin Donovan) who creates a machine that can invade a person’s mind and extract memories that can be seen on the machine’s tiny screen. Not sure why the screen is longer, but thinner than an average cellphone.You’d think if you get to actually see your memories, you’d wanna view them on something at least the size of an iPad. Although, during the Apple Tech type demonstration in front of an audience, the memories are projected on to a big screen. I also had trouble with the way the memories are extracted; just by attaching headphones to the machine and placing them on a person's  temples. I feel like the extraction method should have been more invasive.

Nevertheless, the ideas is that our memories are unreliable, that the more we go over them and tell their story, the more they become distorted and muddied over time. Yet, our memories often have a way of haunting and trapping us, preventing many from moving on. And sometimes, just the opposite, a memory is so good you want to hold onto it forever. Either way, this Dr. Dunn feels being able to truly look at a memory again exactly how it happened, every nuance, sound and expression on someone’s face could be a beneficial tool in psychology and therapy. The problem being, it has just the opposite effect on his trial patients, it causes hallucinations and loss of time, one of his patients feels violated having her memories on display. Most importantly, he doesn’t take into account, our minds fade memories for a reason, to protect us. 

Note: The below movie trailer for Rememory will not be visible to those receiving T&T via RSS feed please click HERE to view.

"Rememory" quickly slides away from being sci-fi and delves into a whodunit after Dr. Dunn is found dead in his office, and the machine goes missing, all shortly before the corporation who has patented the memory machine is about to go public.

The film also feature Anton Yelchin in a posthumous role. Still hard to believe that he was literally struck down as his career was building.

Julia Ormand plays Dr. Dunn's widow. Her scenes with Peter Dinklage’s character becoming friends are very compelling, although based on a lot of omission on his part.

"The film’s concept of how people are changed by their past despite the amorphous quality of memory is tantalizingly, and fascinatingly organic to being human." - Julia Ormand

Bottom Line: What makes Dinklage so good in Game of Thrones is exactly why he's very good in this movie, and that is, he plays complexity very well; neither hero nor villain.  I also admire the fact that the film deals with a high concept, futuristic plot device, yet finds a way of seeming out of time. Is it the past, present or future? Like memory itself it's undefined.
Also featured on That's Show Biz with Chuck Darrow
segment starting point 46:35

T & T's LAMB (movie bloggers association) Score: 3 outta 5
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Get help with your film or movie Crowdfunding Campaign

If you are a Philly or Tri-State area filmmaker about to embark on a Crowdfunding Campaign and would like some additional FREE promotion via Tinsel & Tine and our social media platforms...

Below post featured 6/1/17 - 7/1/17


SPINE: A Short Film
Philly Filmmakers - Temple Students

SPINE offers a unique story that portrays the healing process of mental health. It is untraditional in a variety of ways, and portrays a well-rounded female protagonist. This representation is crucial in our society where at one point any medical problem a woman faced was "in her head." Now when mental illness is gaining traction in media, it often may be villainized, trivialized, or inaccurately represented. Spine aims to do none of that and instead provide a unique story that will explore recovery and resonate with its viewers.
Rachel Mueller (writer/director) and Caroline Vana (producer) both work with Temple's chapter of Active Minds, which has prepared them for careful handling of this subject matter.

"Our $3000 budget will go towards several aspects of production. Food- Over the course of 4 days, we must feed our cast and crew. We average out at 20 people, but one day will peak at 40. The fanciest boutiques may have a fruit plate or tea to offer its customers, however we may need a little more than that to ensure our team is on their A game. Locations - We've also accounted for paying high-class and chic locations. If we're unable to use dressed spaces, already large production design costs will sail far beyond our goal. Production Design- Making our protagonist's world a reality at our price is a fun challenge for our design team. From a bougie restaurant to the finest boutique, they must transform everything basic and simple we know as college students into elegant and impactful images"... and MORE

Spine: A Short Film Indiegogo Campaign Ends June 18, 2017

Rachel Mueller Update: We are excited to announce that we are working with Trapeze Studios to launch Spine into production! Trapeze Studios is an east coast production company created by three Temple University film students: Noorman Wicaksono, Quynh Le, and Llewellyn Dryfoos IV. This is going to be Trapeze Studios' third short film production. In addition to shooting short films, Trapeze Studios also shoots music videos for local Philadelphia artists. Check out this picture of Trapeze and our director, Rachel, during a production meeting! (From left to right: Rachel Mueller, Llewellyn Dryfoos IV, Noorman Wicaksono, and Quynh Le. Photo courtesy of Caroline Vana) 
Indiegogo Short film Promotion
Spine IndieGoGo Campaign

Some of our camera team hit up Expressway Cinema Rental's Summer Gear Expo! It's awesome having a crew so dedicated to their craft that they spend their free time invested in filmmaking. Spine doesn't have the budget for all the nifty gadgets Expressway was showing off, but we dream of days to come when we can mount an Arri Alexa onto a drone, or utilize Arri Skypanels in our lighting plans! Casting! Oooh this is going to be a fun introduction in the coming week. Keep your eyes on look out to see who is filling our magnificent cast. Spine IndieGoGo Campaign

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...young Hassan, a soulful-eyed boy with lush, thick eye lashes, places his face into the sea urchin basket, and breathes in the exotic briny scent. He sticks his fingers into the aquatic ooze, takes it to his mouth and is transfixed by the taste. The vendor, oblivious to the thrusting arms of frenzied women, notices the boy and realizes he is the only one worthy of this oceanic prize; he is the one who can “truly taste.” ... READ MORE

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Food n Film: EAT PRAY LOVE
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Food n Film: WAITRESS
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Those of us in attendance were not only given the opportunity to see Babette's Feast, the Oscar winning, Danish film, considered one of the all-time great "food films"; we also got to taste Babette's menu! READ POST


I participated in WalkMS Philly on 4/30/16
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