Celebrating 25 Years of Watching: PRETTY WOMAN

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Today Show reunited the cast of one of my all time favorite movies - PRETTY WOMAN to celebrate the movie's 25th Anniversary. This is my go to when I just wanna shut out the world. I'm all in every time, every scene.

But it feels impossible Pretty Woman was released 25 years ago. If only I could pretend I was 5 when the movie came out, and lie and say I never saw it in the movie theater. But alas, I remember distinctly going to see it. The pre-viral, yet media frenzy over the discovery of the "Pretty Woman" herself Julia Roberts, and all the songs from the soundtrack playing on the radio; it feels as if it were maybe 10 years ago, 15 at the most, not a quarter of a century.

I call Pretty Woman one of my guilty pleasure addictions, because it's a romantic comedy. However, it's one that hits all the right beats, every scene is tight, the cast is perfect, down to the elevator attendant. Most importantly, it's held up over time, so that's not really the definition of a guilty pleasure flick, it's actually good movie making. How did director Garry Marshall pull off creating such a charming movie featuring a hooker and a corporate raider? Like he said, it came down to chemistry!

However, I've never liked the shot of that ending kiss.  I think it's an unflattering angle for a screen kiss.  It's too... real.

I found it funny how little Richard Gere remembers of the movie, even though it's his most memorable role. Julia Roberts seemed super into the reunion and rehashing the making of this classic, and as it put her on the Hollywood map, I guess she should. Roberts really hasn't changed very much in 25 years, inside or out, which is probably part of why she's had such longevity in this industry.

Carpet Picnic

I've always wondered how they fit all of Julia Roberts hair under that "Carol Channing" wig?

Date Night Taster
Date Night Taster
I wish Jason Alexader as the pugnacious Stuckey had joined the cast for the reunion, would like to hear his pre-Seinfeld success memories of the movie.

In terms of Food n Film Moments: my favorite is not the part with the flying escargot, but rather the breakfast where Vivian is eating everything with her hands. She starts with a croissant, the camera turns to Gere, then when it swings back around she's eating a pancake. It's possible she could have put down the croissant and reached for a pancake, but I think it was a delightful editing mistake.

" I didn't know what you liked, so I took the liberty of ordering everything from the menu" This would be a DREAM COME TRUE!

Who doesn't love that Vivian gets revenge on those snotty women on Rodeo Drive - "You work on commission, right?... Big mistake. Big. Huge. Well, I've got to go shopping now" - But my favorite scene is where Vivian wakes up in the middle of the night to find Edward is not in bed, he's down in the hotel banquet room playing a moody tune on the piano. When she joins him, he clears the room of the late night staff and makes love to her on the piano. I've watched that scene a million times! ‪#‎PrettyWoman25‬

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movie|fone 25 Things You Didn't Know About Pretty Woman

  • The first thing that had to go was the title, "Three Thousand" As Marshall recalled, "Test audiences given the premise and the title thought 'Three Thousand' was a movie about prostitutes from the moon who had orgasms in orbit." 
  • Several actresses turned down the role of Vivian. Daryl Hannah felt the part was misogynistic. Michelle Pfeiffer (whom Marshall would cast a year later as the lead in "Frankie and Johnny") also disliked the tone of the material. Valeria Golino, fresh off "Top Gun," felt her thick Italian accent wouldn't suit the character. Marshall met with Madonna, but the singer, then 30, felt the part would be better suited to someone under 21. 
  •  After the film's success, it seemed everyone wanted a sequel. The Buddhist Gere, told Marshall that he'd been in a cave in Tibet where a monk asked him, "When are you going to make 'Pretty Woman 2'?" It was at that moment that Gere said he decided that he, Roberts, and Marshall should reunite for whatever script they could find that worked, rather than wait for a writer to craft a viable "Pretty Woman" sequel. He and Roberts found the "Runaway Bride" script and approached Marshall with it, leading to the team's successful reunion with the 1999 romantic comedy.  READ MORE  moviefone.com

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


One of our regular blog contributors, Candace Smith moved to the Big Apple almost a year ago and has been doing her thing - writing, acting, journalism. However, I'm always happy to have her back at T&T when she's got the time, and she made the time for the second installment of the Divergent Series: INSURGENT.  

Check out Candi's review below and below that - my interview with Max from Divergent and Insurgent, none other than actor Mekhi Phifer! - Le Anne Lindsay, Editor

Insurgent Review

By Tinsel & Tine Blog Contributor Candace Cordelia Smith (Candi's Corner)

At the start of Insurgent, my immediate thought was, “Oooo, what if Divergent had started with this exact scene?” From its slick beginning, reminding the audience of the need for factions in a futuristic Chicago. Kate Winslet’s Jeanine Matthews leads us inside director Robert Schwentke’s vision, which is more sleek and action-packed than Neil Burger’s artistic direction for Divergent. This is not to say that the first installment wasn’t a fun ride and introduction to the film series overall, but, the audience that I was a part of during an early screening of Insurgent was much more audibly receptive to Eric’s nastiness and long-awaited comeuppance and Caleb’s feeble attempts to be a bad-ass.

At this point of the story, several days have occurred since Tris and Four went on the run as fugitives. Taking refuge at the Amity headquarters, lead by Johanna (Octavia Spencer). Unfortunately, before Tris, Four, Peter, and Caleb can formulate their next move, they are put on the run when Eric, Max and the rest of Jeanine’s Dauntless traitor, henchmen come looking for them; only to be met with more danger from the Factionless, who we soon learn is lead by Evelyn Johnson-Eaton - Four’s thought to be dead mother (Naomi Watts). Unsettling in certain scenes and driven in others, Evelyn, in my eyes, was perfectly cast.

In fact, as someone who has read "Divergent", "Insurgent", "Allegiant", and "Four", I was happy to see all of the original cast settling nicely into their characters, and the newly introduced actors well engaged. Sure, Uriah (Keiynan Lonsdale) could have been given more of a backstory, along with Marlene, portrayed by Brit up-and-comer Suki Waterhouse, and Lynn (Rosa Salazar), both of whom I loved in the literary version; but understandably, cuts were going to be made, and most of those omissions were in the form of secondary characters that had more time to grow on page than on the screen.

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Then there was that box…. and that sex scene...  OMG! Two Insurgent plot points, one more major than the other, that have no place in Veronica Roth’s book. Tris & Four kiss, but they don't become intimate. And this BOX that only a Divergent can open, which Janine assumes contains a message from the Founders, is such a significant part of the movie, especially in the final ten minutes; yet no such thing exists in the original story.  

These two differences withstanding, on the whole, I was impressed with the book to film adaptation of Insurgent. The more important parts of the book were kept and preserved on celluloid - Tris (Shailene Woodley) coming into her own as a strong female freedom fighter; Jeanine’s ever-increasing need to prove herself right; Caleb’s (Ansel Elgort) ultimate betrayal; Peter’s redemption and the conception of the Amity compound, normally a place of peace now fraught with tension due to the circumstances that have placed Tris, Four, Caleb, Peter and the other runaways there. I highlight the world of Amity more so than Candor and Erudite, because the audience discovers a good portion of humor, thanks to Peter (Miles Teller), within this faction. Peter is a character who I despised in Roth’s manuscript, but Teller has found a way for me to see a different side to the character. On screen, Teller’s natural dry wit and comedic timing mirrors the unbelievers of this world, the ones who think people never change and that peace will never be found. The character of Eric, I still hate, once again gloriously played by Aussie Jai Courtney. I could tell who in the audience with me read both "Divergent" and "Insurgent", because without spoiling it for those who have not done either nor have seen Insurgent yet, revenge, by way of Four (Theo James), was delicious. Cheering in the theater occurred and it was grand!

As for Tris and Four, their relationship still has more barbs to go through, and the most trying of them is yet to come. But in Insurgent, it is a joy to see Shailene Woodley and Theo James continue their roles as the almighty duo. Woodley has a way of rooting herself naturally, into the core elements of every character she inhabits. She thoroughly understood the evolution that Tris goes through in this second installment of the series, as did James of Four’s silent resilience. While I know what happens next in "Allegiant", I can hardly wait to witness Woodley and James’ interpretations of their characters in its two-part big screen versions.

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Insurgent was made for those who plowed through the Divergent literary series months in advance, including the Four prequel, and others just curious to understand the hype that surrounds it. Some consider The Divergent Series a weak knockoff of The Hunger Games. I refute this. Both Beatrice Prior and Katniss Everdeen can live on in the recesses of our minds as formidable, female, fictional protagonists, surviving a Dystopian existence, and for that, I have welcomed the two with open arms.

Bring on Allegiant Parts 1 and 2, Summit Entertainment. I’m impatiently waiting.

Candi's T &T's LAMB Score: 4 outta 5

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There's a serum administered to each young adult to determine their personality and where they best fit in, sorta like an evasive Myers Briggs test. After which, at the Choosing Ceremony you can do 1 of 3 things: Pick the Faction you grew up in and stay with your family and friends. Pick what your test revealed. Or just choose freely of your own mind. But here's where I totally had a problem with the story. READ MORE

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EMPIRE INTERVIEW with Jussie Smollett and Bryshere "Yazz" Gray (Fox TV)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

 Tinsel & Tine Got a Chance to be on a Conference Call with Two of the Lyon Brothers 

Jussie Smollett and Bryshere "Yazz" Gray

Here's a video excerpt of the audio from the call 
(Note: video will not be visible to those receiving T&T via RSS feed 
Here's a link to the Jamal & Hakeem Interview on Youtube)

In the video the two actors talk about their reaction to their growing fan base; the brotherhood of Jamal & Hakeem; the scenes they found hardest to shoot. Jussie and Yazz the Greatest also talked a lot about being active in their communities, giving back. In fact, Angela Davis is Jussie's godmother. But I had to keep the video short, so that's not included.  I wanted to ask Yazz the Greatest (Hakeem) a Philly question, about possibly performing at Welcome America 4th of July concert on the Parkway, but time was short.

Are you happy about where your characters leave off in the season finale?

Yazz: I mean. I am. I’m definitely happy about where my character is.

Jussie: I’m excited. I’m excited because there’s so much more to come. The dope thing about Season 1 is that there are still questions to be answered – Yazz Right. Jussie – in Season 2. You know what I’m saying? I feel like Season 1 was the set up and then Season 2 will be, okay, let’s go back and let’s clean up all of the Lyons’ stuff, if you will. I’m very happy. I’m very excited for Jamal, where his journey has taken him, from beginning to now, and where it’s going to end up going.

Yazz: And we’re excited about Andre. Where he goes, he gets better and better. I feel like his story is real important and it grows and people can learn from his experiences. 

Jussie: Absolutely.

Quick Recap/Highlights and Around the Web with Empire

Note:embedded tweets will not be entirely visible to those receiving Tinsel & Tine via RSS Feed.

The back to back 2 hour Empire Season Finale - Die But Once (directed by Mario Van Peebles) & Who I Am (directed by Debbie Allen) were everything they said they'd be and more!!!

How about that cat fight between Cookie and Anika (Grace Gealey) aka Boo Boo Kitty! That 1-2 drink in face/punch Cookie threw, was done with a ghetto ninja quickness. But I gotta say Boo Boo Kitty gave almost as good as she got.

Of course the biggest news was Lucious finding out he was misdiagnosed and doesn't have ALS - what he really has is treatable. I kinda figure when they gave Terrence Howard's character ALS it was so an out could be written into his contract; I wonder if when the show blew up, he was like, you've gotta cure Lucious, I'm staying!

We're all going to have Cookie withdrawal while we wait for season two. Taraji P. Henson has made an indelible character. Too bad Porsha slipped and let it be known Cookie went away with Malcolm; but didn't she look fabulous in her snowy get away fur? Lucious should have just swallowed his jealousy on that score and not retaliated against Cookie by locking her out of the company. And how about how she found out she can't even legally hold a seat on the Board of a publicly traded company as a convicted felon!?!   Lucious was all politeness and sweetness to Cookie's sister Carol (Tasha Smith) but Carol still lives in North Philly, why didn't he help a sistah out during the last 17 years? Carol could have helped raise the boys.

Okay so then Jamal talks Lucious into letting Cookie come back and still have her names in lights on the marquee of the Lucious Lyon farewell concert; but then the girl goes and tries to smother the man. Well, Lucious can't deny he killed her kin (Bunky), he should be able to understand Cookie being mad enough to attempt murder. I don't think she would have gone through with it, even it he didn't stop her. That gift of the mini pillow he gave Cookie was priceless!

No offense to Trai Byers, but Andre is just the least likable character on Empire. Even when you should feel bad for him, you really don't. Dre finding the Lord is a good thing, but when Lucious comes to the church and musically seduces Choir singer/Music Therapist Michelle (Jennifer Hudson, who should only sing and not have any lines. Click for T&T review on Black Nativity) with the offer of a Gospel album, you should hate Lucious and be sympathetic towards Dre losing the one thing that's helping him hang on to his sanity - but I didn't care. And when Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) said she was leaving him, I was like, Good, leave his butt, he doesn't deserve your support and care. I am going to miss Vernon (Malik Yoba) though, he didn't deserve to go out like that.

Hakeem has a cougar fetish. I didn't like seeing him in bed with his almost stepmom.  But I was glad he gave Lucious a hard time for getting rid of Camilla, even if he did get popped in the mouth for being smart.

Jamal was given the scepter and the keys to the kingdom. There were some beautiful scenes between father & son.  Lucious finally was able to see Jamal as a man, with many talents and gifts.

All of Jussie Smollette's scenes are electric, no matter who he's acting with, whether he's singing, taking care of business, or sex-ing someone up on a desk, he just has so much charisma and likability.

"See, the streets couldn't defeat me - disease couldn't stop me - even God can't kill me" - Lucious Lyon/Dwight Walker

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