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Win a 3 Day Pass to STAR TREK: MISSION NEW YORK Labor Day Weekend 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

POST UPDATE 8/29/2016

Well, I have to say I'm both very disappointed and perhaps if truthful, a little relieved that only one person entered my "Be My Trekkie Guide" Contest . I say a little relieved because it was going to be an undertaking to coordinate with the winner, figure out accommodations, didn't want to buy my bus ticket too early in case things didn't work out, but I also didn't want to be a$$ out without a tix for the holiday weekend if it did, and other logistics etc...  At any rate, the one entry was a woman. I was rather hoping this could be a way to meet a single guy and see if there were any sparks...so... But she lives in Brooklyn, and is excited to attend. I mailed her both 3 Day Passes to Star Trek:Mission New York asked her to take pictures for Tinsel & Tine and I'll stay in Philly Labor Day Weekend.

I am surprised I couldn't attract anyone to enter. Not romantically, I mean in this age of social media stardom, I figured someone would get a kick out of being featured on a blog.  Plus, if you're a real uber fan of something like Star Trek wouldn't you want to share all your knowledge with a willing an interested newbie?

I asked several sci fi groups to help me promote the contest, they agreed, but no one helped promote it the way I do when I agree to get the word out about something that's a part of my brand.

Anyway, if it were in Philly I'd just go by myself, I'm sure just being an observer would be a hoot, but the expense of going and staying in NYC...



Regular readers and T&T social media followers know I'm a big fan of the Black Tribbles and that they've included me on several "Spoiled Tribbles" podcasts as Buttercake Tribble, most recently Star Trek Beyond

The Black Tribbles will all be heading to Star Trek: Mission New York Convention at the Javitz Center NYC September 2 - 4, 2016 to celebrate 50 Years of Star Trek. To help promote the event they raffled off (2) 3 day passes to attend... guess what? I won!  Fair and square, they put all the raffle tickets into Len's (aka Bat Tribble) back pocket and Lilly Tribble just happened to pulled out my winning raffle number.

So excited!  But then I started thinking, I'm not really a Trekkie, should I go? Should I sell it? Should I raffle them off to Tinsel & Tine Subscribers?  Here's what I came up with instead, sanctioned and further promoted by the Black Tribbles nation.

With a Little Help From OK Cupid 

I set up a profile on OK Cupid to help facilitate finding a guy interested in joining this contest for the other Star Trek Convention Pass and be my guide.

Details: I am single and interested in a possible romance, who knows, we'll see where it goes; but for this encounter I just thought it would be fun to check out the convention with someone who can show me the ropes. I wanna see it through your eyes, as a fan of the franchise.  Maybe you can even help me pull together a costume.  Keep in mind, I enjoy things of a geeky nature, I'm into superhero movies, like the Star Trek movies and the original series, but I'm far from being a Trekkie, a gamer or a comic book follower.  So I'll be choosing the winner based on more than just your love of all things Star Trek.

Transportation Accommodations: Sorry, this would be on you.  I haven't figured out where I'm staying yet.  I'm also not committed to all 3 days. Saturday (9/3) for sure would be the guide me through day. I may also attend Friday night, but you'd have the second pass to go early Friday or stay til Sunday if you choose.

Publicity: You know I'll have to blog about this! So you'd also have to be willing to be a part of a blog post, but don't worry, I never write snarky things.
This is a cross promotion with The Black Tribbles, so we'll also be taking pictures with them and they're gonna help me choose the winner!

All sound good and fun?  Then give me your pitch as to why you should win being Buttercake Tribble's (Me) Trekkie Guide :)

To Enter:  You can either set up a profile on OK Cupid it literally takes 5 minutes, that way I can see your picture and read your answers to the OK Cupid questions. I'm listed under Tinseltine 

Or You can email me tinseltinepromotions@gmail.com and wing it.

All entries must be in by 5pm Thursday, August 18th

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Post Diner en Blanc 2016 Interview with Organizer Natanya DiBona

Monday, August 22, 2016

Philly Spotlight: 

Interview with one half of the Diner en Blanc organizing team Natanya DiBona

In 2014 I attended Diner en Blanc (click for post) as an attendee, brought in by my friend and fellow blogger Denine Gorniak, The Bicycle Chef, who has attended all 5 years, 4 of them as a table leader. Knowing I would be blogging about the experience, I wanted to make it a little more personal, so I decided I needed someone to design a dress especially for me to wear to #DEBPHL14. Needing to stay within budget, I contacted Drexel University to see if any of their recent grads would be interested and met Amber Cuff, who designed a gorgeous dress which I wore once again this year at #DEBPHL16. That first year I also bought new shoes, accessories, including a clear rain poncho in case of showers, bought the prerequisite size table and chairs, ordered my catered meal, a shopping cart to transport everything and took a day off from work, since that year I was commuting to & from Chesterbrook and traffic was always horrendous.   2014 Diner En Blanc was a great time, along the Ave of the Arts on South Broad Street, but I gotta tell ya, going this year as press, was much more to my liking!

Check out the 5th Annual Diner en Blanc T&T Photo Album 
(note: Album will not be visible to those receiving RSS Feed. Click HERE toview) 

5 Questions for Natayna 

1. T&T: I understand you wanted DEBphl to be at the Art Museum in 2012, but had to do the next best thing and use Logan Square. Why was the Art Museum space so hard to obtain?

Natanya DiBona: No, Logan Circle was always our number 1 choice for the first year..it's designed by a french architect, based on the Place de la Concorde in Paris (which also has served as the location of the Paris DEB), and sits at the beginning of the Parkway, the Champs-elysee of America! Logan Circle also has a 360 view of some of our city's most beloved arts and cultural treasurers, so we thought just one aerial picture of that first Diner en Blanc would say so much about Philadelphia. Not to mention, every one of our guests was guaranteed to have an amazing view. What you might be confusing this with is that I said we have had the art museum as the goal location for our year 5 event since 2012.

2. T&T: How involved are you with other Diner en Blancs around the country?

ND: We are very friendly with the organizers of a few of the other cities. It's nice to be able to call them and ask an opinion or get feedback on an issue we are facing that they may have previously experienced and vice versa.

3. T&T: How do you respond to people like Brian Hickey of the PhillyVoice who scoff at Diner en Blanc, calling it elitist and pretentious?

ND: I haven't read his piece, but every ticketed event whether it is a concert, sporting event or theater performance has a set amount of tickets it can offer. Our event is no different in that regard. Attendees from the event the year before can register for the following year, as well as sponsor a new person in Phase two. The last phase of registration, phase 3, is a lottery from our waiting list. We also offer volunteer opportunities that bring in new people. We also donate spots at the event to a variety of charitable organizations throughout the year that they auction off and we also give free spots away through contests. This year we had 5 contests to mark our 5th event. So there are a variety of ways we reach new people every year.

T&T Note:  To my mind, Diner en Blanc is far from being elitist. It's not the country club set out to shun others; it's a very mixed crowd, as you'll see from my photo album, and the tickets are not expensive.  I also don't like the implication that it has to be for charity or it's not a worthy event. There's nothing wrong with charitable events, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with just celebrating summer, lights, spectacle and the city of Philadelphia!

4. T&T: Will you continue to expand the number of guests or is 5000 the limit?

ND: The concept of the event is that it grows each year. The Paris event has been happening for 28 years- it's expanded to up to 12,000 people and is often held in two locations. So, we went into this knowing that we would grow and each year we decide that amount based on what we think we can responsibly execute. This year's event was planned by our 10 person planning team and executed by 155 group leaders, table hosts and on site volunteers. We have an incredible group and this event would absolutely not be possible without their dedication, hard work and passion for the event. So, we will get their feedback from this year and decide where to grow from here!

5.  T&T: Name a small part of each phase (planning, night of, day after), something the average person wouldn't think of, that you enjoy or is your favorite part of Diner en Blanc in Philadelphia.

ND: Planning - Getting to know our volunteers each year. Many have been volunteering since 2012 and they feel like family...there is an incredible community that is built through this event.

ND: Night of - Seeing your vision come to life. Kayli (Kayli Moran is the other half of the team behind DEBPHL) and I begin thinking of the next location almost immediately after the event and then design a presentation once we decide on our first choice. That presentation guides us for months as we plan and it is incredible when you see it unfold. Last night was particularly emotional for us as we looked out at the event from the steps.

ND: Day After -  Looking through Instagram to see all of the incredible things that happened at the event through the lens of our guests.

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia Official Website
DEBPHL Twitter | DinerenBlanc.Philadelphia Facebook |
dinerenblancphl Instagram

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Groupon Coupons Philly Tour Z - A

Friday, August 19, 2016


By Le Anne Lindsay, Editor

Very excited about this great opportunity to partner with GROUPON COUPONS! I didn't even know they had in store and online coupons - I'm used to the traditional Groupon where they offer you a deal on something and then you have a limited amount of time to use the deal. This is different, with Groupon Coupons you don't need to spend any money upfront. Just stop by Groupon Coupons before doing your shopping and look for a coupon offer. You can browse by Store  by Category, or by Featured Coupon.

Groupon is reaching out to several bloggers for promotional partnerships. It's nice to be approached by a company that has a good standing and one in which I've frequently used. Still, I had to think of a way to tie it into Tinsel & Tine's mission of movies, foodie stuff and Philly.  And I think I got it!

I will feature 26 Groupon Coupons starting with the letter "Z" working my way up to "A" only I'll tie it into a Philadelphia Location or a blog musing.  It will also be promoted on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+  platforms along with a link on our #PhillyCalendar.

So here goes...

Posted 8/29/2016

Letter "Q" Quill.com I've been tooling around their site and I think the best way to describe Quill is a more hands on Staples.With a growing assortment of over 1 million products, you’ll find exactly what your business needs—no matter what business you’re in.

Quill: $20 Off Next OrderValid for new customers only; sign up for emails and get a $20 coupon from Quill.

Posted 8/24/2016

Letter "R" Restaurant.com  I've gotten certificates from Restaurant.com before, it allows you to buy a lunch or dinner good for $25, but you only pay anywhere from $4 - $10 for the certificate. However, it's not good for people like me who often dine out alone. That sounds pathetic. I've got friends, fellow bloggers, family, getting some traction on OKC so maybe a date, to eat with, but I really enjoy dining out alone, I find it relaxing.  More often than not with Restaurant.com you have to spend a minimum of $50 to use the $25 certificates (show on your phone). So technically it's more of a BOGO deal.

Restaurant.com: $1.50 For $10 Certificates Eat out at some of your favorite restaurants and save! Visit this link now and pay $1.50 to receive a $10 restaurant gift certificate. Click now for full details!

Posted 8/21/2016

Letter "S" Sally Beauty, the closest Sally Beauty store near Center City Philadelphia is 330 W Oregon Ave. 19148. Which is super close to a Burlington Coat Factory, Ross Dress for Less and the Oregon Diner - so sounds like a perfect back to school shopping trip to hit all three stores and end with lunch.

Sally Beauty: 20% Off Your Next Purchase With Sally Beauty Mobile Signup Text "DEALS" to 72559 to get 20% off your next Sally Beauty purchase.

Posted 8/17/2016

Letter "T" for one of my favorite stores Target! Don't you just love their Archer Farms goodies? Have you ever tried the AF chocolate chip pancake mix!?! 4 Tines.  But this coupon is for what happens after you've made the pancakes and need to clean up the counter and dishes.

Target: $15 Off Household Essentials | Use this code to take $15 off select household essentials, including laundry, paper products, cleaners, and kitchen essentials, when you spend $50 or more!

Posted 8/14/2016

Letter "U" As a blogger I'm always looking to improve my photography skills, just now learning about udemy from Groupon Coupon. Check out all the discount classes udemy offers!

Posted 8/12/2016

Letter "V" Vitacost (Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs, Beauty Care, Pet Health) It's rare that you buy just one bottle of vitamins or supplements at a time, normally you run out of everything at about the same rate.  It's almost time for me to reorder: Biotin (trying to strengthen my nails) Fish Oil (be careful, the wrong fish oil can do more damage than good) Vitamin D and Probiotics.  If all that = $60 I can get $10 off with this Groupon Coupon from Vitacost!

Vitacost: $10 Off Exclusive CodeUse this promo code to get $10 off any purchase of $60+ at Vitacost! Grab up vitamins, granola bars, and anything else you need, for less! Offer Ends 9/1/2016.

Posted 8/10/2016

Letter "W" - The Walgreens that I go to most often in Philly is on 1617 John F Kennedy Blvd., mainly because it's located across the street from a Wine Shoppe and Corner Bakery, two places I frequent often. Corner Bakery even follows me on Instagram, which is cool! 

Walgreens New Customers 15% Off Orders $40+ 

Posted 8/8/2016 
Today we're up to the letter "X" which is a tough letter for an offer, however domain names can be what you want, just insert x name :) In addition to the Groupon Coupon hosting package below, Namecheap offers domains for as cheap as .88 cents a year!  I pay $10 annually for tinseltine.com and I thought that was cheap.

Namecheap: Get 20% off all shared hosting packages with this NameCheap promo code. Click to reveal the code and enter it at checkout to see the savings. Offer Ends 9/1/2016.

Posted 8/6/2016

This one's more Groupon, than Groupon Coupon, but I needed something for the letter "Y".  I used to attend yoga classes regularly, but the place where I invested a 6 month pass was full of snooty, yogi bitches, so I stopped going, but every spot has a different vibe, and I hear good things about Bikram. After you visit, please let me know if the regulars seem friendly.

Choose Between Two Options $25 for five Bikram yoga classes ($75 value) $29 for one month of unlimited Bikram yoga classes ($119 value) 
Click here to see the class schedule. A Chat with Bikram Yoga West Philly What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? Bikram Yoga West Philly is a new state-of-the-art facility in the heart of West Philadelphia. Our spacious hot room can accommodate all who come to participate. Large, clean bathrooms and showers for both women and men. Fresh organic juices and plenty of HAPPY, SMILING faces!!! 

Posted 8/5/2016
You can find a ZipCar office in Center City on 218 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.  My favorite spots to eat in this neighborhood are Tria (1137 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107) for drinks and a light nosh and Caribou Cafe (1126 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107) which has been there for as long as I can remember.  My old boss used to take me there for lunch. I don't miss a lot of his crazy nonsense, but I do miss his generosity when it came lunchtime!

Use this Zipcar.com promo code to get $25 in free driving credit.


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Food n Film: BURNT
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Food n Film: CHEF

Food n Film: CHEF
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The key to deciphering both the city it beautifully depicts and the man who eats it best - City of Gold

By Tinsel & Tine Contributor Denine Gorniak (The Bicycle-Chef)

What Jonathan Gold, Los Angeles Times food critic/writer, has done for food writing journalism and for the restaurants that he loves, the movie, City of Gold has done for Jonathan Gold and Los Angeles and its surrounding environs – it has planted taco covered kisses on them... READ POST

Food n Film: CHOCOLAT

Food n Film: CHOCOLAT
If you’re a foodie movie lover who saw Lasse Hallström’s The Hundred Foot Journey (see T&T post), this summer you may be wondering what delicious visual journey might be awaiting you in the theater next. Well, how about a look back at his film Chocolat (2000), which stars French actress Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench and Johnny Depp. Hallström’s has a special talent for turning cooking into a dramatic movie journey...READ MORE


...young Hassan, a soulful-eyed boy with lush, thick eye lashes, places his face into the sea urchin basket, and breathes in the exotic briny scent. He sticks his fingers into the aquatic ooze, takes it to his mouth and is transfixed by the taste. The vendor, oblivious to the thrusting arms of frenzied women, notices the boy and realizes he is the only one worthy of this oceanic prize; he is the one who can “truly taste.” ... READ MORE

Food n Film: JULIE & JULIA

Food n Film: JULIE & JULIA
Personally, I like the unevenness of it, because I fell in love with the post World War II, Parisian sights, sounds, food and romance between Julia and Paul. I always felt a bit jarred back into reality when the scenes returned to Julie's meltdowns and cramped kitchen.READ POST

Food n Film: EAT PRAY LOVE

Food n Film: EAT PRAY LOVE
Six months into my 38th year of this life, I had my first panic attack. I didn't know that's what it was until months later. Symptom after symptom starting piling up on me until there were days I could no longer move my arms or neck. The doctors told me I was suffering from an auto-immune condition that they felt was most likely Lupus. And so began my much deeper journey and exploration into the world of spirit, alternative medicine, yoga, meditation and Eat, Pray, Love. READ POST

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With a film like this, food plays a main character in the story and I was lucky enough to get an interview with the film's Food Stylist, Janine Kalesis.READ POST

Food n Film: WAITRESS

Food n Film: WAITRESS
In this 2007 film, Keri Russell stars as Jenna - a desolate diner waitress seeking solace in the art of pie-making. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, she’s eager to escape her husband and her small-town hell and sets about to make a run for it by entering an out of town pie baking contest. READ POST


Those of us in attendance were not only given the opportunity to see Babette's Feast, the Oscar winning, Danish film, considered one of the all-time great "food films"; we also got to taste Babette's menu! READ POST


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15 Top Food in Film Flicks
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Will there ever be a cap on movie prices?

Will we one day pay $20 a pop?

Why don't we pay on a scale?

A crap movie like everything Adam Sandler has ever done should cost about $4.50.
Big action movies like"Lord of the Rings", "Iron Man," "Transformers" are worth $10.
Woody Allen movie or something like "Silver Linings Playbook" $6-$7.
A chick flick or light comedy $5.75 and most Indie Films $5.25.

You could even do it by seasons - all summer block busters from May to August - $10
Sept - November 15th $3.50 - $4
Back to $10 for Thanksgiving and Christmas etc...

Or you can do it by A Actors ($9 - $10), B Actors ($6 - $7) TV actors on the big screen ($3.50 - $4)

Surely I'm not the first person to realize this makes sense. Has it been voted on in the Motion Picture Industry and then vetoed? If so, why?
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